Day 14: Y’all, you just have to watch this video. I’ve already talked about PAACS (the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons), but that post was about how much Tim’s heart is wrapped up in the vision of training surgeons in Africa. This post is about my heart for it ❤️. 

These 31days posts have elicited a wealth of encouraging comments about Tim and what he’s like as a person and as a surgeon. And it’s true, his care for others and compassion runs deep. But imagine there being other men and women like Tim all over Africa—people who are smart, capable, and full of promise with a desire to serve others through medicine, but who have no way to receive the training needed to become a surgeon. And what if Tim—with all his abilities and compassion—had been born there instead of here? Wouldn’t we want people to come and provide training so that he could become a surgeon? In Matthew 7, Jesus said, "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

Here’s an excerpt from the video: "I was having that desire of becoming a surgeon one day, but I never knew how it would be possible...I finished high school in the war situation—there was no way to achieve what you are thinking you could do one day in your life. God helped me to now connect with PAACS to achieve my dream of becoming a surgeon.” That is what PAACS does, and I’m all about it. Caring for the sick, proclaiming the gospel, and training African surgeons who want to serve their people—what’s not to love? If I ever get discouraged about our vision (which I will), pretty sure watching this video again will help get me back on track. 

Come on, just watch it. I promise it will be 4 minutes well spent. 🎬👍#31daysofcalling #lovesinethiopia

Laura Love#31daysofcalling