Day 20: When you’re moving your family to another country, one of the things you might think about (or even worry about) is whether your kids will eat the food. Kids can be so picky, and in a place like Ethiopia we can’t buy dino-shaped chicken nuggets, yogurt tubes, and goldfish.

Injera is the staple Ethiopian food—present and essential at almost every meal. It is a sour, spongy flatbread that is used to scoop up delicious stews, meats, and vegetables. It is cooked like a huge crepe, and then typically rolled tight and sliced into sections. You hold a small roll as you eat and tear off a piece from the roll to take your next bite.

Sam and Pip are pretty good eaters, though definitely not the most adventurous in the world. But guess what? They LOVE injera. We ate Ethiopian food twice recently, and the boys seriously talk about it like it’s candy…. “PLEEEEEASE mom, can we have more injera?” Or with a sneaky grin, “I got more injera, mom…hehehe!🤪” They just grab a roll and start chomping away like it's a banana. No unrolling, no scooping up the main dish…just chowing down on injera. Some Ethiopian people think it’s crazy that they eat it plain without the yummy dishes to accompany it…but hey, I see it as a win and I’m thankful for this small (but significant) gift that helps me envision our kids enjoying life there, too. #31daysofcalling #lovesinethiopia

Laura Love#31daysofcalling