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Day 7: It was 2013 in Ethiopia, and we had been talking with some sweet friends about how we wanted to come back to Ethiopia down the road. Later, they gave us this 😭 (that's a happy cry)

God uses so many things to point us in the direction He wants us to go, including the encouragement of others. Our friends gave us this insanely thoughtful note and generous gift before we had even begun to consider much of anything about fundraising and concrete future plans. The money was generous, but knowing that they believed in us like that meant so much more. This was a lesson to us in how much power our words and actions can have, and we long to use that power for good the way these sweet friends did 😊 

One week of #31daysofcalling has passed! Thanks for following along ❤️ If you’re new to this and haven’t read the back story, you can find it here:

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