Epilogue - Day 3 of 5: #31daysofcalling has told the story of our calling to serve in Ethiopia—but did you know that there’s another calling to be filled that is equally as vital to providing surgical care and the gospel in Ethiopia?

When it comes to ventures like this, there are people who go and people who send. At this point we’re preparing to be the ones who go, but in the past we have more often been on the other side of the equation. While Tim was in training, we couldn't serve in other places as much as we would’ve liked to…but we could pray for those who were going and support them financially—which is the sending part.

We are gathering a team of senders to join us in training surgeons, caring for the sick, and sharing the hope of the gospel in Ethiopia—people who feel called to pray and/or give financially. Our job as the ones going is to present the opportunity so that you can decide if you want to be a part of the work—perhaps you do?

You might be thinking—"Why do you have to raise money? Won't the hospital pay you for your work as a surgeon?" In short, no. Ethiopia is a low-income country, and a great deal of healthcare is payed for "out-of-pocket" by patients who truly don’t have the resources to pay for their own care. Most mission hospitals raise the majority of funds necessary to subsidize medical care and buy equipment, and we raise money to fund our work there.

We have been traveling around to different cities, sharing about this opportunity to help people suffering in Ethiopia. We believe God will provide the funds we need, and we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those who have already begun to support this work. We currently have 16% of our monthly support raised, and we are working to further build our team now so that we can be ready to move to Ethiopia in the fall of 2019. Donations can be set up in a few clicks and scheduled to begin now or on a date in the future by clicking here.

Isn’t it amazing that in something like this, we can link arms and accomplish something greater TOGETHER than any of us could do on our own? #lovesinethiopia

Laura Love#31daysofcalling